Cycad Cones

lzrddr(91360)October 8, 2010

not sure if anyone is interested in cycad cones (not always the most interesting part of the plant) but sometimes its interesting to see the variety out there. Visited a nice local cycad collection a few days ago and saw a lot of cones, so here are some of them

Ceratozamia miquelliana

Ceratozamia norstogii (both Ceratozamia cones are female cones... I can't always tell what sex these cones are, but in this case it's obvious)

Cycas bifida female

Dioon sonarense... female cone, I think...

Encephalartos altensteinii... female cones, I think

Encephalartos arenarius blue form, male cone

Encephalartos cerinus female?

Encephalartos humilis older female cone

Encephalartos kisambo male cones open

Encephalartos longifolius male cone

Encephalartos natalensis male cones

Encephalartos trispinosus male cone

Encephalartos villosus 'thin leaf' cones... female?

Encephalartos whitelockii female cones

Macrozamia johnsonii female cones

Macrozamia lucida female cones (not with fertile seed sadly)

Macrozamia pauli-guilliami male cones (spelling?)

Zamia inermis male cones

Zamia skinneri female cones

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Very cool-they really are amazing plants!


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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Cycads are really cool plants,great pictures and beautiful plants.I like the blue Cycads the best.I wish I could get my cycas revolutas to produce cones.There in 15 gal.pots and need to be potted up to 20 gal.pots.Is there any tips to get them to produce cones?I think I might have one female and one male.Why I say that is one has never produced pups,while the other one produces pups like crazy.Thanks for sharing,Randy

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eukaryote(Kansas City, MO z6)

What a cool bunch of pics! I think the cones are the best part. It's amazing how similar some of them look to conifer cones.

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I hope they have found a good use for the seed. It would be ashame to just let them die on the ground.

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An excellent use for the seed exists... grow more cycads! Sadly, most seed, unless one has bothered to fertilize the plants themselves, is not fertile. And it's not that edible, either (toxic, in most cases).. .oh well.

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Those are some beautiful cones! The colors on some of them are really impressive! Thanks a lot for sharing with us!!

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