The Sequoia

jimhardyOctober 19, 2012

coming out of winter and the Sequoia a couple days ago-not bad for a drought year!

March 5, 2012

If you look to the far left-you can see what the Washy was covered with last winter! 0:


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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Wow, i didn't know that 1. Sequoia can live in your area unprotected and 2. They go dormant in winter. The ones I've seen are more like giant pine trees.

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Your weather app..I took a look Jim. Pretty wild for you..57 and 37 tonight...then 80 and a low of 60 by Tuesday.

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what all palms are you growing..seems like your doing a little zone pushing with a few of those lol

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They brown out here when small,supposedly this gets better as they get older and have more sap-antifreeze,we'll see.

It has kept a little more color each year...yea but don't look to close at that March pic...(-;


Even wilder this week with summer like thunderstorms(5.5" this last 10days)and lows in the 60s with 80s possible too,
then colder next week/weekend with highs in the low 50s!-And-maybe some snow north of here 0:


In the ground 27(?) palms
3 varieties of Sabal, 7 different Trachycarpus,Washy-Butia Eriospatha,2 Needle palms...some other stuff too-like T.ferns....etc.

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And he spends every August through February wrapping them all up for winter, and every March through June unwrapping everything. ;-)

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That's a heck of a comeback Jim! Looks like it's almost doubled in size. Have you tried growing Southern Magnolias yet? Edith Bogue is very hardy, handles my winters with no problem.

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This may sound funny but since I don't own the house I have to
watch how much stuff I plant(-;

All the good spots next to the house are taken by palms-

I am thinking of trying one of these hardy Orange trees that
Tim in Mass sent me seeds from.

Anyway-I would love to have a Mag out in the yard too-for sure.

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