Friend's first citrumelo fruit

wetsuiter(7b/8a)October 15, 2012

A garden and palm enthusiast friend of mine texted me yesterday all excited. He was out on his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware back patio and noticed something on the top of his citrumelo. He had to get up on a ladder because this tree is 12' tall. This is what he found:

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Are citrumello edible? i haven't actually hears of them.

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Yes they are. They are a hybrid between a pumelo (those big grapefruit looking things and the indelible trifoliate hardy orange (deciduous leaves, bitter and excessively seedy fruit with a fuzzy rind). Supposedly citrumelo are sour, like a grapefruit or lemon. This is probably the cold hardiest citrus with edible fruit. I'd use it in a gin and tonic, personally.

This tree has been in ground for quite a few years, but never has flowered. Well apparently, it had at least one flower. Maybe next year there will be more.

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Not bad. Mine have not flowered as of yet, but my unprotected Thomasville has fruit on it right now.

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Is Thomasville an edible citrus?

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More so than a Citrumelo, or so I have been told. I tried what I thought was a Citrumelo and it tasted like an Orange that had been soaked in seawater. A Thomasville Cintrangequat supposedly taste kind of like a Lime.

But hey, we do not plant them for their taste. Growing any kind of Citrus above South Carolina is an accomplishment.

I have both planted and did not expect any fruiting and was shocked that the Thomasville did so rather than one of the Citrumelos. Go figure....

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Well true, but I would like one that had at least a practical application, like for a squeeze into a gin and tonic.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Actually Jacklord, Virginia Beach is well north of South Carolina and we have many growers with multiple varieties that grow citrus without problem. In fact, we have had citrus farms here in the past. Pungo Palms is pretty much a citrus farm right now, although I don't believe that they sell to stores. The Dentons (who own Pungo Palms) have been growing award-winning citrus for years. I've been growing four different varieties, including a Satsuma Orange that I bought from Stan McKensie in SC, and they are all healthy and strong. The Satsuma is the only one I've given any protection, per Stan's recommendation that he protects them for the first few years until they are well established.

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Beach Weather

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True dat. Virginia Beach is a subtropical enclave. I just picked SC at random.


I was in your neck of the woods last week. Nice. Good luck with Sandy.

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Better get up there and pick that sucker off before the wind slaps it around!

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No kidding! It's kinda out in the open, so it'll be ripped off early!

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My 'dunstan' citrumelo produced for the 1st time this year and they are surprisingly good. I squeezed a fruit and added slightly more water than juice and a little sugar. This tasted very much like grapefruit juice, in fact almost identicle. Because these are more sour than grapefruit I bet they will be excellent used as a lemon or lime substitute if the juice is used straight. I plan on trying this very soon. i have also heard they make a very good "lemon" pie, one person from NC even told me they were better than the real thing. I am somewhat perplexed as to why these are so uncommon. This is a great find for anyone wanting to grow an edible Citrus in zone 7.

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