Chili Red Hot Peppers (Pics)

fsujunkieMay 12, 2011

It's been about 2 months since transplanting from when I purchased them as small plants. From what I have read these Chili Red Hot Peppers should be turning reddish, rather they seem large and the ones above are barely coming in. Are they alright to harvest now and still be hot? Thanks.

Following are two located on bottom of plant.

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Look Like Anaheim to me or since there are so many version/hybrids something similar.
If they are an Anahiem , they can get fairly warm when they turn red.

They use them in all stages of ripeness.

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There is a great trick that my father taught me and his father before him. What you do is take a knife and cut a small piece of one of the peppers in question, then, here is the tricky part, put that little piece inside your mouth and make sure it touches your tongue. This is a great way to tell how hot a pepper is. :P

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Hey! My dad and I use the same works well.

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@phildeez... haha yeah you are correct.

I got them at a hardware store nursery and the label seems ambiguous now that they are grown. For sure I was going to get something relatively hot for some homemade sauce!

Seems as though vinegar, onions, garlic, and of course peppers are the common ingredient. Would it be a good idea to puree with seeds and just filter the sauce before I bottle it?

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I never really thought of using Anaheim type peppers for hot sauce. They can have some heat, but, generally aren't *that* hot. Great for stuffing / Rellanos / burgers, though!

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I would go for salsa, maybe add a few hotter peppers but use those for the volume. Or you could wait until they ripen up and grill them, that's what I would do, on a sandwich.

I have some "Red Relleno" peppers that I am growing up to see what I get, I expect something like an Anaheim.

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I'd stuff those bad boys and grill them....they look good, congrats!
Got me wanting to plant my garden more than I already did!

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