Leaf Issues; Any need to worry?

JVjavaMay 23, 2011

I've posted before, but just figured out (hopefully) how to link to my Flickr account. Anyway, some of my leaves are crinkling, developing spots etc... All the pepper plants are in containers, I am fertilizing with MG 24-8-16. I have been watering anywhere from every 6-8 days waiting for the soil to dry with the finger test. I am watering with MG at half strength, and am also adding 1 tsp. vinegar to my water as well since the alkalinity is a bit high around here. Since I am a first timer, I was just wondering if I should be worried about the leaves, or any suggestions on what might be causing the leaf issues. I purchased all the plants from a local Green Thumb nursery except the New Mexico seedlings, I planted from seeds.

Thanks for any input,


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Ok, i did the test forum and everything worked fine, then I try it for real, and see no link in my post. I am trying one more time...


Here is a link that might be useful: Leaf Issues

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

nothing looks too serious to me....
Early in the season, leaves tend to display the characteristics your plants are showing.
A number of causes: temperature, moisture, nutritient deficiencies related to temp and moisture,
pests, et cetera.


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Those plants look pretty good, actually.

After all this cold and pest management my peppers are looking pretty crinkly and distorted at the moment, but they are already shaping up with the last few days of warm weather. For me, it was a combination of pests and cold temperatures, but the peppers are fruiting and growing at normal rates.

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I get that curl all too often with my peppers. They usually work themselves out of it. I have added bone meal in small ammounts that seem to help so maybe it is a phosporous deficiency. There are lots of threads about this. Here is one link

Here is a link that might be useful: leaf curl

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Thanks everyone! I did an aphid, then thoroughly inspected every plant and could not find another. Bought some Ladybugs, and they have actually hung around. I inspect thoroughly, and haven't seen anymore aphids.

Josh,- our weather out here (San Diego) has been all over the place the last couple of weeks, sunny and warm or cool (50-60's) and rainy. I know that is not helping at all. However, I am concerned about nutrient deficiency. I did a soil test about a week and a half ago and the pH was neutral. However, the NPK, were VERY low. Tapla gave me some advice, so I switched to MG 24-8-16. I am watering with MG each time at half strength. I don't know what to do about calcium. You said to use it raise pH, but my pH seems ok, however the alkalinity of our water is a little high so I am adding vinegar to the water. So, the plants have not gotten ANY calcium added up to now. Should I add lime? Or wait until I see more symptoms. Also should I be worried about purple streaks in the stems and branches, and where they meet?

Thanks, again,


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where is SD are you? i have a couple pepper plants that are a little distorted due to major transplant shock, but seem to be working it out! i am right by MIssion bay, i have been leaving mine out during the day and bringing them in at night. i just bought some of Dyan-gro's Foliage pro after reading quite a few people are using it with good results as it has micronutrients in it!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Jon, are your peppers in-ground or containers?
Gypsum can provide Calcium without raising pH.

The purple streaks are perfectly normal. Adds a nice look to the plants!


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All the plants are in containers... I'll grab some gypsum.. I ordered some FP 9-3-6. Today to provide the micronutrients the MG isn't.

Thanks again for all your help,


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kosherbaker(LA CA-10)

I am watering with MG each time at half strength.Jon are you saying that you are fertilizing every time you water? Or did I misread that.

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right now yes, I am watering about every 8 days. I am actually watering at less than 1/2 strength. MG calls for 1 TBS per gallon, and I have a 2.5 gal watering jug, and I am using a light Tablespoon in the jug. When I get to where I am watering more than 1x per week, I will probably maintain a 1x per week fert. Unless Josh or Al suggest otherwise.


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It is natural for a plant to have a steady influx of nutrients, they do not appear in large quantities at one time in nature. To mimic this, it is suggested to water at the corresponding fraction of the dose every time you water.

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