What is this?

fin2ya(4)October 25, 2012

Can you tell me what this is? The seed is cracked all the way to the center. At the base of the stem to grow a new beginning. Double stem? Should I be worried, or do I let it all grow? Coconut palm is healthy and doing well otherwise. The leaves are dark green and it makes the new growth.

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Just busting out of it's tiny home.

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It looks healthy! Definitely nothing to be concerned about. Eventually the "coconut" part will rot away.

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Thank you so much for your replies. Now I can stop worrying and see how the plant grows. Here in Finland, it's raining today the first snow. Outsdoor is -3C (-19F).
I do not like winter. Caribbean .... where are you? :)

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It's because the outer shell is so hard and inflexible, to make room for the stem it has to split.

With your temperatures I certainly wouldn't want to change places with you, LOL.

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