I have a bug problem.

amandcrJune 8, 2010

I bought a grafted Cooktown Sunset Plumeria that I potted and I have sitting outside in my front garden. It has recently come down with something that's becoming a problem for more of my plants. It gets plenty of sun and lots of wind. It even managed to make it through golf ball sized hail relatively unharmed (It put a hole in one of the leaves). Some of it's leaves are growing strangely (might be leaf stress?). I first noticed white spots on the leaves and thought it was bird poop. Turns out it was sap from the leaves that had dried because when I gently rub it off it starts to bleed again. One of the new leaves has started to speckle yellow. Webs are visible on the leaves and claws so I thought it might be spider mites. I haven't seen any signs of bugs except some white (almost clear) ones that jump around the soil. I was thinking now that it could also be thrips. I thought I saw an orange one that could have been a thrips. There are some black spots on the leaves. I also have some plumeria seedlings that have the sap and black spots on the leaves and some of my Adenium seedlings have lost leaves. I've seen some spiders lurking around my plants so there must be some kind of bug. I've sprayed them down with the hose and treated them with Organocide. Is there anything else I should do? Am I treating this the correct way? I would appreciate any advise or comments. I don't want it to die!

Here are some pics to help:

Yellowing new leaf

Webs on claws

Back of leaf

Something chewed at the main vein of a leaf

White specs on the bark

Black specs on leaf

Whole plant

Poor Adenium


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