canelita-2June 13, 2014

I need help!!! Someone gave me a plumeria cutting the year before last... Had one inflow that year ... Last year did not have any ... This year it has several inflows but the very first flower that opened had 3 brown spots on petals, one spot on each petal, it never quite opened and today I found it on the ground .. I have it in a large pot, water it after is test the soil to make sure it is about 2" dry at the top ... This is my very first experience with plumerias... I live in California ... The weather has been fairly nice ... What am I doing wrong???? :-(

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This is how it looked when it was attached to the inflow...

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congrats on getting a bloom! your flower looks like it got burnt, bumped, or damaged by a pest, the flowers are delicate when about to unfurl so this one may have been bumped, or damaged in another way...wait for the other flowers to open up on the inflo and post pics of them...they look a few days away but should be without the brown spots.

also, waiting til dry to water is good practice..keep it up!

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