Pecan Cracking

adellabedella_usaNovember 24, 2010

Does anyone know of any places that crack your pecans for you? I'm in the Tulsa area. There are several pecan trees in the undeveloped parts of my neighborhood. The pecans are small, but delicious. I'd like to take advantage of having them here.

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There are 4 places in Bixby: Carmichaels, Conrads, Dotsons, and Valley Grove. I don't know what the price is these days, but probably near .35 per lb. Some places will run them through a blower for .15 extra per lb. It will remove a lot of the dust and loose shell. Good luck.

Prices are $9 to $10 per lb this week so those pecans are worth a lot.

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We may go pick up pecans later today since it should be relatively warm. Depends on how many we find. Dh went and looked at some trees yesterday. He said there wasn't a lot on the ground. We had only picked up a gallon or so earlier in the week so we'll see.

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