Holes in my peppers

Joe-NCSeptember 4, 2012

Look at his poor little baby bell pepper, killed at such a young age. What evil pest would do such a thing? Whatever it is, is also eating holes in the leaves and eating deep grooves around the stems. I've tried garlic/red pepper spray, but it isn't working. Please help!

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Here is the damage around the stem of a pepper.

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Here is an inch-worm I found under a leaf. Is this one of the culprits?

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Does anyone have an idea what pest this might be?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That one little caterpillar can't be the only culprit, Joe. My first guess was going to be the Tomato Fruitworm (a big pest of peppers), and you might have those present, too...besides this little looper/spanworm/inchworm.

Have you disposed of that pepper, yet? If not, cut it open.

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