Palms of Rehoboth Beach, DE

JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)October 12, 2007

My partner and I were in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (zone 7b) over the Columbus Day weekend and were pleased to see many hardy palms, bananas, and other subtropical & exotic plants growing happily at two different locations. Here are some of the palm highlights; for the rest of the photos, visit my online photo album (link below).

The first set of palms were growing around a guest house just 2 blocks from the beach; it's nice to see palms growing in such a public and visible place! The guest house:

Palms included windmills (Trachycarpus fortunei):

Sabal minor:

Needle palm (Rhapidophyllum hystrix):

And the biggest surprise, Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis)--not the biggest palm, but surprising that it survives at all in zone 7:

I also saw several palms growing at a private home a bit more inland, including needle palms (which apparently get quite a bit of damage from the constant winter wind):

and Sabal minor, which were producing fruit:

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great pictures, thank you for sharing. It's always nice to see someone doing "what can't be done.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

It's been a lot of fun, tracking down and photographing the palms that are growing in the mid-Atlantic region and I keep finding more. I only got into growing hardy palms about 7 years ago, and discovered that far more people are growing them than I ever imagined. I can only hope that someday my own little palms are as big and beautiful as some of the ones I've photographed!

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Sometimes it's just simply amazing what you see growing
where you don't think it should :p
great pics !!

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Thanks for sharing your pics, johnnieb. I was in Rehoboth Beach with my partner several years ago, didn't see any palms then. Thanks again. dl

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When I looked at your photos again, the one with the unit #10 on the building, seems to have either a blue Sabal Minor 'Cape Hatteras'or it is a Sabal Uresana. The latter are surprisingly cold hardy to Zone 7b, especially considering their native Sonoran habitat. I just planted one in our Zone 8 garden this year, so we'll have to see if it gets any leaf burn this winter.

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Awesome pictures from Delaware! Thanks for sharing these--they're inspiring to us that live in colder climates! I've always loved Needle Palms...and whoa at those bananas!

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I think you forgot to post the link to the other photos. I'd sure like to see the others. Nice pics posted. I have never considered Delaware as a place to visit, but it does have lots of shoreline and I image some nice beaches too. I normally just go to the Great Lakes in summer and Florida in winter if I need to see a beach. Of course the only palms you see around the Great Lakes are in pots. Most people, andyandy being one exception, don't have the time or money to protect them through the winter.

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JohnnieB(Washington, DC 7a/b)

Egads, I think you're right! Not sure how I missed that! See link below for the rest of the photos.

dl, I think it's just a large but otherwise standard S. minor in that photo.

The palms at the Royal Rose Inn were planted about 4 or 5 years ago. They have done very well and have gotten a lot bigger since I first saw them. I was able to meet and talk with the owner--one thing I've discovered is that people love to talk about and show off their plants!

BTW I know of at least one other private garden in Rehoboth Beach that is full of hardy palms, bananas, and other subtropical plants. I visited that one about 3 years ago but didn't have my camera with me--I'm hoping to get back there someday.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rehoboth Beach photos

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I have at least 15 palms going into their first year at my house (Lewes). Let me know if you want to the see them the next time you are in DE.

I planted some at the place I work last week but they are not in good condition since they were in pots and couldn't take a day without water throughout the summer. The owner has two Sabal Minor at his house in Milton.

I found another garden with tropicals in Slaughter Beach, DE. I posted it on the Hardy Palm forum(John, DE):
Garden Blocked the Archive- Type in Slaughter Beach in the archive(HardyPalms)

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This thread has been linked to another about Palmettos in Delaware. If you're interested in continuing the discussion, please follow this link:

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