Cutting off Fronds help the palm grow faster?(queen palm)

palmtreeguyOctober 1, 2011

So I have several queen palms in my front yard. I try to not cut any of the fronds unless they are almost completely brown. Well my landscape guy decided to cut most of them off and only left like 3-4 fronds hanging. I was a bit upset cause I'm not used to that clean look but he was telling me that by cutting them the palm will grow quicker. Any truth to this?

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NO. This is a common practice and I hate it. A Queen Palm looks beautiful with a full crown of fronds. Here in L.A, I've seen unbelievable Queens bursting with healthy fronds, but I've also seen over trimmed Queens with two fronds and it looks really stupid. The problem is uneducated gardeners and lack of instruction and training. I've seen no evidence that cutting fronds off a Queen Palm induces speedy growth. It's a palm, and all palms prefer to have a full head of fronds. I have two Queens and I told my gardeners, do not cut anything off unless I tell you to. If they keep doing this you will see thinning of the trunk. Don't let this happen again. Good luck!

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