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jimhardyOctober 27, 2012

Some times you just gotta do it-how I was going to cover this thing has been bothering

me and that puts the other stuff in jeopardy- like the Trichocereus which will need a little extra love-

Anyway,here the removal and in my up grade worthy of covering if it ever gets as big as the Y.Aloifolia....

The murder weapons!

The victims....

these will go into a hot spot next year where other stuff just fries!

Need some bling there anyway.

Well...what do you guys think do you like it better or worse?

I know the other Yuccas looked pretty much perfect

but just to big a monster in there!



A couple more pics...27F last night basically the end of the tropicals-we'll see,some more wilting and weeping still to come.

Dead soldier(nearly)

Even the Jacaranda did o.k. on the porch-

Sorry-no pics of Sandy to look at here....

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Murderer! I didn't realize you have a trachy back there. Are you going to root them in pots inside for the winter? I think they'll be easy enough without being under the "tent". They should be hardy enough temp-wise (unless you get negative double digits), and protecting from moisture should be easy enough.

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I really am trying to keep it balanced and not have plants blocking the view of other plants.
So, about that-there is a palm back there!

They will go to the basement in small pots,hopefully some roots going over the winter...I can cover my cactus now in a blink.....ahhh,much better!

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

So yuccas can regrow roots with stem cut like that?

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

If not, yeah i'd say you're the freddy kruger/Michael myers for plants. Grisly!

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rwallen1961(Iowa City, IA Zone 5)

Jim....question for you. I'm in Iowa City and really curious to know more about how you over winter your Musa Basjoo. Mine grew like crazy this year even after I did basically nothing to protect them last year.

I can't believe this winter will be as mild as last year so really curious as to what success you've had. Thanks buddy!

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To bad I cut so many leaves of that Trachy,it wasn't ready for the main stage yet!

So yea,when I was a little kid 35 years ago 0: I brought
one of these back from Alabama and rooted it in the ground in died.

They really will root just sticking them in the ground,the second year I had this it snapped in the wind,the tallest
one is the part I stuck in the ground and the 2 smaller shoots were off the trunk...pretty easy to root.

Next year they will be easier to cover(not being in another bed)and I will only cover them for the worst weather....
what I am always shooting for is maximum time for plants to be uncovered over winter,within reason.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Light Snow on your weather sticker... bumber!

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Beach Weather

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No snow here or haze for that matter,sometimes they do get the temp right!


Sorry I missed your question......I have done nothing to my Basjoos that last 2 years but I think you could
get away with a little moisture cover and a big pile of leaves..

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rwallen1961(Iowa City, IA Zone 5)

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll give it a whirl and see how things shake out in the spring. This past year I did absolutely nothing, no leaves, no moisture barrier, nothing.

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