Deal of the Year on Windmills!

gatrafficOctober 10, 2010

I stopped at our local nursery today and saw some 7 gal. windmills in less than desirable shape. I offered them $10.00 each for the 2 they had, guy said he was just gonna dump em' anyway so OK.

QUESTION??? Do I plant now?? Or nurse them back to health over the winter, consider I'm in Atlanta area and it's still in the 80's here.

What Do You Palm Wizards say?

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I planted one of them, added compost soil and palm fertilizer, the other I replanted in a larger tub to overwinter.

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I would definitely protect them over Winter. I don't think you have much to gain by planting now and there is risk. I only pot out palms that are really big and robust--and then in the Spring. You can pot it up into a container and it will still develop a root system and might even grow some. Try to keep it on the cool side over the Winter. I put my smaller containerized ones (and more tender Trachycarpus species such as martinanus) into a relatively cold but frost free, sunny garage. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply NJ, I have planted small 3 gal. windmills in December and they have flourished, used to get spear pulls the first few years but I just doused them with peroxide and all are over 6-7 feet now. I'll plant the one I replanted in a larger container in April. It's been in the 80's here lately and the forecast is still 80's for the next week or so, won't get cold 40's at night until November/December.

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

Great deal on the windmill palms!!I would definitely pot them up to a one size bigger pot and get growing and healthy.Then I would set them out next spring.That way they will be in good shape when you set them out.I also got a great deal on three Windmill palms about four weeks ago.The old fronds didn't look so good but the new fronds look great.They were also seven gallon size,I paid 10 bucks a piece for them.Since it was the first of September I planted mine in the ground.They all have put out a new frond and are starting on a second one.Like you said we don't get our first freeze usually till mid or late November.I hope they make a complete recovery for you,so you'll have nice palms to add to your yard next year :)

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For that price..throw them in the ground.

I planted my first 2 Trachys on Nov 1, a few years ago.

Keep the crowns completely dry when 20F or less is forecast and above 10 the first year.....worked for mine.


The one I didn't plant died.

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