JarBOX - For Those of You That Can

WaurikaNovember 29, 2012

As someone that has traveled/moved a LOT, I know what it is like to break stuff. Recently came across this & found it to be a nifty idea.


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Some of us have looked at those before, but I find the price to be outrageous, so I don't plan to buy any.

I don't plan to buy these either, but I would be much more likely to buy these cardboard ones that are $190 for 25.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cardboard boxes

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

We have looked at those before, haven't we? That's why they looked familiar. I like them, but with the large number of jars we have, we couldn't afford enough of them to make much difference.

Now that we've built a billion shelves inside to hold the ever-increasing stash of caning jars, both when empty and when filled, I don't need storage boxes or plastic storage things, but I still need a bigger pantry. I'm eyeing the northwastern corner of the garage, We could put in a 10 x 12 insulated storage room with a small window-type AC to keep it at the right temperature in summer and I could store a lot of the long-term storage items out there. We don't have to have 100 jars of salsa or 25 jars of ketchup in the pantry at any given time, but that's what we have because I don't have a better location to store them. It makes the pantry really crowded. Tim is pretty much on board with the storage room idea. It is just we never have any time, and with our winter fire season picking up, time is becoming more precious.

I also would love to build vegetable storage racks to hold potatoes, onions and other things in the root cellar. I like the ones that Gardener's Supply sells, but think it wouldn't be too hard to build our own.

Here is a link that might be useful: Orchard Racks

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Agreed, they are pricey. I saw them listed online for as low as $17.99. SStill think they are a fantastic idea, & love how they interlock when stacking, which was shown in the video.

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The all wood orchard rack you link to looks nice, but I should would be using a sealant on it. Sooner or later something will end up starting to rot on it & seep into that unsealed wood...

Have you thought of getting used commercial bread racks? I sprout barley grass for my horses on a bread rack. The bread rack could just as easily be used for storage. It is easy to find plastic plastic storage bins that do fit between the sheleves. And I saw Garden Supply has bamboo trays too...

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I built a rack like the one shown above out of treated fence boards (ripped to the size I wanted) about 8 or 10 years ago to hold canned food. It is still in the storm shelter at the old house. It took a little time but the price was not that much.


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