Seed Freshness?

kaotickellyOctober 26, 2011

Hello How long do W. Robusta Seeds stay fresh I have like 20 left and also I sowed two more W. Robusta seeds like two weeks ago and i checked on them and they have mold on them. They still good or should i dicard? could it be the soil? or too wet? I got windmill palm tree seeds too, do i have to prep them with Hydrogen Peroxide and water like it tells me to w/ warm water for 24 hours? And how long to germinate? it says like 8 to 12 weeks is that true? And are they fast growers like the W. Robusta?



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Robusta seeds stay fresh for a pretty long time. Im not sure if they will still be good if they have mold on them, but I think its worth a try. Windmill palms are a bit slower to germinate than Robustas are. I would say that 2-3 months is a pretty good estimate for germination time for Windmill palms. They are much slower than Washingtonias, but they do pick up speed when about 3 years old or so and have some adult fronds. Once they get planted in the ground, if given water and mild weather, they will grow fast putting up to 6 -12 inches of trunk a year in good conditions.

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I think im going to discard the ones that i sowed and disinfect the rest. Thanks

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At this time of year (and in Zone 5b), I assume you are using bottom heat to encourage germination and hasten growth.--If not, it'll make a world of difference!--Your soil should be just slightly moist--not wet.

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