Cloches from 2 ltr bottles

lilycrazy(Zone 5- Iowa)May 1, 2011

Has anyone tried this ? Its almost warm enough to leave potted hot peppers outside but I want to make sure they get enough warmth and stay warm all night, without killing them obviously. Any thoughts ?

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Gallon milk jugs with the bottom cut off work well, you can put the cap on when its cold and take it off to allow ventilation during daylight.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I use those large, water-cooler alhambra bottles.

The milk jugs always fly off in the wind, by I do have some as back-up cloches.


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Josh is right about the wind, you have to dig them in a bit. Alhambra bottles would be better if you want more light to get through, also.

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I made starter pots for my second round of bhuts using water bottles. Drilled holes in the bottom, filled the bottom half with pea gravel, top half with my soil mix. Would take a pretty good gust of wind to topple one of those things, although it could take the lid off.

Not sure if they're working or not though. Been two weeks, no sprouts, and I couldn't even find the seeds in the couple I went half sifting through.

I'll keep 'em moist and warm and hope for the best though.

Best part is if/when they do sprout, I just have to pop the top off and boom, they're good for quite a while before having to transplant into their big boy pots.

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jrslick (North Central Kansas, Zone 5B)

Since I plant all my early tomatoes and peppers in my high tunnels, I don't use these anymore. However, they do work very well.

I cut a 4 inch pvc drain/sewer pipe into 6 inch long pieces. I plant the plant, push the pipe over the plant into the ground a few inches then I cut the bottom off of two liter bottles. Then I take the bottles and slide them over the pipe and you have a nice tall cloche.


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Move to Florida then you don't have to worry. Ha ha just kidding.

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Lilycrazy - how cold is it at night at this time?

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