What tempertaure should I bring date palm inside?

debodunOctober 5, 2010

I have a date palm (Phoenix dactylifera)I raised from a pit that's now about 10 years old. I retired from work this year and brought the plant home from where I had it growing in a courtyard window where it had been under climate control all year. When I brought it home in August, the temps in daytime were in the 80's and nighttime in the 60's. I live in upstate New York (US). Now it's in the mid to upper 50's in the day in in the mid to upper 40's at night. The palm still looks good, though. I want to know at what temperatures should I start to think about bringing it indoors? I've been putting it off because it's HUGE now (about 8 feet tall and between it an the pot probably weights 50 - 60 pounds).

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They han handle freezing weather, but I would take it inside once nights are forecasted to go in the low 30s. There isnt a reason to stress it out by frosts and freezes and risk losing it. But nights in the 40s are fine, but it probably wont grow much until next summer!
Good luck!

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You have enough inside space for this one! I agree, they can probably do fine down into the low 30's/upper 20's as minimum temps--especially if kept on the drier side. I don't have the dactylifera variety. Have mostly canariensis, roebellini, and a few others (Senegal and Cliff Island--forgot the species for these). So-called "true date" I always had problems with. They are a real desert species and resent high humidity and prolonged wetness--so watch for that. If they are anywhere as thorny as canariensis, be very carefull inside with positioning. I have several large canariensis that I grew from seed--and one of them is MASSIVE. Can't imagine it in any home, it's so prickly.--Mine go into a large, loft garage for the Winter where January temps are between 32 F and 60F. and are watered only when necessary. Good luck!

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A lot has to do with how much rain you are getting. Prolonged exposure to cool/cols weather will be more harmfull than a few nighs in the mid-high 30s. People often ask what certain palms can take and my advice is always to error on the side of caution. Just because a palm CAN take something doesn't mean that it likes to. I took my coconuts and bottle palms in oce nights were falling into the high 40s. We had a couple of wet days in the low 50s and that's when I took my Ph. Roebelinin in. We're actually about to have a few days in the mid-70s and I will take most of my palms in and out as it is still supposed to fall into the 40s despite the mild days.

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Not a recommended practice, but I left my date palm seedlings out on a night where it hit 24*F down here. Keep in mind that the daytime high was close to 60*F, and that it only stayed 24*F for about an hour.

When I was in Pennsylvania, I would always put them out any time the temp was 40*F or above to get some sun. They seem to be fine with the cool, dry fall. Just don't let them get soaked, and then have a freeze. They really hate that.

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