*~*~*~* Aloha Friday *~*~*~* Embers Plumeria

Tropic_7June 29, 2012

Photos to enjoy on Aloha Friday!

New blooms on my Embers Plumeria tree. Lovin the color!

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Absolutely gorgeous flowers! And of course the question to follow.... could you describe the scent, please? :)

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

WOW. That is great. I assume you and it weathered the storm ok.


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The Scent is similar to root-beer and ginger blossom kinda spicy especially in the evening.

The only damage was along the back fence, a lot of leaf drop going on right now due to being too wet.
All my cuttings and potted Plumeria went into the patio and garage.
Back yard looked like a tossed salad but it's all cleaned up.
We had sustained gusts as high as 38 to 42 mph. with 5 inches and plus of rain.
My big trees look tattered but will continue as the heat here in Florida will correct the leaf growth.
Mahalo! Stuart

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Wow Wow Wow Wow Wow.

Embers has got me sizzling, what a beauty and such a bright spot given the glimpse of your tattered garden, yikes. Very unique and beautiful, I love it!I truly want one, what a happy flower.

Thanks, Stuart. I love Aloha Friday! It was Aloha Friday here + a little rock n' roll friday with an earthquake earlier, nothing serious, just a nice little massage during a little rest earlier.

Glad all is finally well in your neck of the woods,

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The challenges we face to grow our hearts desires!
Tropical Storm Debby blew for 3 days here! And keeping me busy 3 days after!
Thank you Wendy

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gorgeous colors

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Stuart,

Beautiful Colors.. OH MY!!!

Love the "Aloha Friday"...

I am so sorry to see the damage from Debbie.. I know how hard it is to clean up after storms like that. We have Hurricanes that hit us a few times a year and it gets so frustrating...

Good luck witth the yard and im sure it will be back to its beautiful form really soon!

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures.. AHhh.. I can smell them now..

Take care,


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So gorgeous that I'm speechless :).

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LOVE the Embers, Stuart!

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Your poor garden Stuart. It's so sad looking. Glad to hear it will recover. I think I would have cried to walk out and see that. Your Embers blooms are beautiful. Peg

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funinthesunincl(Z9 TX Gulf Coast)

Thanks for sharing the pics of 'Embers'....GORGEOUS!!!!!

So glad you weathered the storm--that's alot of rain!!! Does the soil make-up in your yard contain alot of sand? At least it drains well, over here we have that awful gumbo that doesn't drain unless you have amended it.

I hope you had a great *~*~*~Aloha Friday!*~*~*~

~Mary Jane

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Hi Mary Jane,

We have a lot of "Sugar Sand" here in Bradenton and my yard sits up high with good drainage. Amazingly the ones in the front of the house and down by the road fared quite well.

I live for *~*~*~* Aloha Friday *~*~*~*
At work we ware our Hawaiian Shirts too!

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Stuart - I have to keep coming back to peek in on your Embers. The colors are stunning! It's a very attractive flower in every way. This is one that must be added to my must-have list!

Glad that you fared the storm as well as you did.

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stormys_mom(Md 7a)

I am glad things are looking up for you. Thats a long time for constant rain. Hope everything is getting back to normal for you. That Embers is breathtaking.. I have been back several times to look at it. And I am a rootbeer junkie so I will have to put that one on my list of must haves!! Thanks for sharing it!!!! Just beautiful


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The Embers Plumeria was a purchase from The Exotic Plumeria in Seffner, Florida 2 years ago. I paid an Arm and a Leg for it and worried my self to near death that when it bloomed it would be something else. We went through another horrible winter were it spent all it's time in the garage.
I paid $89.00 for 1 tip rooted cutting. When I went to Exotic Plumeria it's a beautiful place ( All the plumeria are ). They let you walk around and enjoy yourself but always have you in the corner of their eyes, kind of like a car sales person. Then you find yourself debating "Which One Shall I Get???" Then when you've singled it down to 3 varieties, you wave at the sales lady with the walkie talkie
and you say how much is this one? "She relies it's $79.00 for 1 tip potted and $10.00 additional per tip! After spending almost an hour there you feel somewhat obligated to buy, which I did and it ended up being a 2 tip rooted cutting of Embers. As the tree gets bigger the hurt goes away and you end up with lovely blooms.
That's the one and only time I spent a the "Exotic Plumeria"
Just be prepared to fork over some "Benjamin's"


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Thanks, Stuart, now I can get over it! LOL

I am not ready to spend that kind of money on any single plumeria yet. At this point I don't have the confidence as I spend most of my time running outside to check and make sure all my cuttings are ok. Many nights I wake up and my first thoughts are the plumies, and should I go outside to check on them. That's certainly the first thing I do when I get out of the bed in the morning. LOL

Anyway, everything seems to be rooting well with the exception of my Kimo, which I am sure has a rotten tip. And one other I am somewhat unsure whether it has a soft spot or not. Time will tell!

BTW, I went to Exotic Plumeria site and the photo of their Embers is not nearly as lovely as yours. You should send them the pic so they can replace the one they have displayed. Yours is gorgeous! :)

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Another spectacular flower from you. Is the scent mild or strong?

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I bet their prices are still up there even though the economy really doesn't support those kind of prices.
I really prefer $10.00 to $15.00 cuttings now in my life! LOL

rcantor, On a scale from 1 to 10, I give it a 6.
It's nice but not strong, Embers is more designed/hybridized for the color intensity in my humble opinion.
I've been told by the experts that Allen Bunch the owner of Exotic Plumeria is known for renaming plumeria to suit his needs and that the real name of this flower is Toba's Fire.
I'm posting a link for you to see, all I know is I still have the metal tag that says "Embers".

Here is a link that might be useful: Plumerias.com

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Stuart, in my opinion, totally worth it! Spectacular! I love those sizzling yellow/orange/red combos and Toba's Fire is a hard one to come by.

Sorry to see you had so much cleanup after the storm. Three days is a lot of wind and rain. I've read that plumeria grow back even stronger after hurricanes and tropical storms, which you could expect from a tree native to the Caribbean and Central America. Bet yours will be no exception.

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