Phildeez(9b)May 13, 2011

First to fruit is the Hungarian Wax! Blossomed a week later than the Hot Cherries, too. I am not quite shameless enough to go in my front yard with a Q-tip yet. I still hope to get laid here and there lol. Maybe soon!

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hahahaha! thats classic, you should use the q-tip! if you dont get laid because you are using a q-tip then she is not the right girl!

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Wait until you get married, then you can use the Q TIP all you want cause you won't be getting laid either way! Congrats on the peppers.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hail the Hungarian!

My Hungarian was the first to fruit this year/Winter, but I promptly pulled the pods.

A Q-tip?! I use a cat's whisker... ;-)


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Josh, I am wondering if I should do the same, the plant is small still but it has been potted up for a good few weeks. I might just pinch 2/3 and leave one to make me happy.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I bet you'll get two or three distinct harvests off of your plants....
so you could either leave 'em or pluck 'em.


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esox07 (4b)

Yah, I am not sure where you are at Phildeez but up here, the growing season is just beginning and you should do real well anywhere south of here if your plants are already fruiting as Josh pointed out.

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Gotta love them Hungarian Waxes!

I started mine real early this year too. In early Feb. Yep i plucked alot of flower buds off! i got em all planted in the ground now and they are flowering again. Yep Hot Cherries too. Those two varieties are a couple of my favorites.


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Ill definitely let the Cherries go, they are much larger and they have a good dozen or more buds per plant. The Hungarian is a lot smaller though and only budded out of the growth tip, 4 buds total. Ill just leave one pepper to keep me satisfied and clip the rest.

I figure with this cold weather the peppers wont be very well flavored anyway, so Ill clip most buds until the nights warm up I think...and I am seeing that 41 is the low forecast for tonight. WTF SPRING!?!

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