Hot Sauce Canning

JesseCMay 24, 2011

Hello Everybody,

I have been making hot sauce for quite some time now. Each time I have stored it in jars and put them in the fridge. I�ve also given them to friends and instructed them to do the same. I am now taking up too much space in fridge and I want to can them in mason jars. I think I have read all the threads on here and I still don�t think I have my answer.

Here is what I have in my cause. I have between 15-20 habaneros per batch. I de seed them and put them in a food processor. Add all the other ingredients. They are the following: 1 cup of white vinegar 5%, some mustard, molasses , brown sugar, a can of sliced peaches, salt, and some other spices.

Now the question I have is this. Is the cup of vinegar, mustard (I know there is some vinegar in the mustard), and the salt enough for me to boil the mason jars for 15 minutes or do I have to use a pressure cooker?

Since I don�t have a digital pH meter, I have no idea what my pH level is at. I can find the sticks here, but I don�t think those give an accurate measurement. Besides the on one I found here measure from 5-9. I think I need under 4.6 to hot bath right?



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When you move from refrigerator for a couple of weeks to shelf storage for months, you're taking a major leap with regard to safety. I strongly suggest you bounce your question off the folks over on the Harvest Forum (link below). A number of active members are NCHFP certified. They'll steer you to a safe recipe/method to shelf safe sauce.



Here is a link that might be useful: Harvest Forum

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Best practice is taught by gov and in fact is mandatory if you give or sell your product to other people. Go to the school to learn pickling, only 2-3 days.

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Thanks for the info Bill and Rockguy.

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