Red-when-unripe bell pepper ???

greenacres(OR z8)May 11, 2011

Sorry this is a question about sweet peppers...

I grow a lot of kinds of peppers, and sell some at the farmer's market. An old lady asked for "the kind that are red right from the start", which she says she grew last year. I have never heard of such a thing - they might start out pale yellow but never red. Maybe some new hybrid? I mostly look for OPs. Apparently this one grew well in the the chilly, wet cascade foothills.


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I have met a lot of bell peppers, but red is a ripe color of all that I have encountered. There are quite a few that start with varying shades of purple, but not any that I have found that start red.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Definitel Farmerdill is the authority for me. I too, never seen or heard of a pepper starting as RED. Last year I grew a pepper(hot), that had purple flowers and the fruits also started as purple but turned into brown.

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i've grown 100+ types of peppers over the years and never seen one red before ripe...

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How old was this lady.....

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