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telow(7a)November 22, 2012

Dawn, I don't pretend to know i/10th of what you know but I can speak from experience about one thing....the Sundance apple. At the place I lived before I had a Sundance apple tree not 50ft. from 2 large cedar trees and probably 150ft. from a host of others of all sizes. Some years the orange jelly just covered them but the Sundance just kept on producing the most delicious apples i've ever tasted.Google the Sundance apple and check out the information from PERDUE university. It might change your mind. I don't mean to imply that the leaves were pristine but from 60ft. away the tree still looked green and I never sprayed it Iguess because it always had apples anyway.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out. We have hundreds of cedar trees on the acreage on three sides of our property and in general we are surrounded by miles and miles of cedar trees, so I have serious doubts that even a cedar rust-resistant variety would do well here. On some of the property near us, the cedars are about as thick as grass. On the other hand, I'd really love to be able to make apple pie jam, applesauce and apple pie filling from our own apples.

My friend who grows apples about a half-mile from us is in his own sheltered little valley and never has cedar apple rust, so who knows? Maybe I might get as lucky as he has been with his trees. I asked him what kind he grew and he just said "pie apple". He does have to play a radio at night to keep the deer away from the trees. The deer jump the fence and get into the veggie garden, but they don't touch his apple trees.


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