Plumerias at Home Depot

malibu_rose(z10CA)June 27, 2008

I went to HD looking for something else and I came across such a good, healthy selection of plumerias. I had forgotten all about the posting here regarding plumerias available now at Home Depot. The one I went to is the one in West Hills in the Valley. Here is a photo of their selection (all grown by CStars in Gardena). The top ones are $13.90 and the bottom are $26.90 and there were a couple of large ones for $49.90 I believe.

These are the two I came home with for $26.90 each:

Candy on the left and Playful on the right.

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Hi Malibu Rose,
great pictures thanks, on on roscoe? .. You got a couple really nice ones, congrats. good to purchase the double branched ones.

Playful is one of my favorites was my very first plant I bought. I have a three year old in the ground ready to bloom. Was blooming when I bought it and skipped a year. It really grows tall over 5 ft tall, with really pretty long wide leaves, think rose shade pinks, large flower. good one. I haven't seen it bloom in a couple of years forget the shades. I also have anothere one in a 5 gallon can.

Candy, not familiar with that one maybe pink?, good luck with your purchases, are rooted ones. hope they bloom.
Karen B.

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Karen B.- the Home Depot that I went to is on Fallbrook near Victory in West Hills.
As for Candy - it is described as pink with orange centers.

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I wish my HD carried plumeria!!

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thats too far from where I live, will check mine closer, thanks. candy sounds pretty..good luck.
Karen B

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I found in Arizona as well--super fat ones! This was at the Home Depot in East Mesa (Crismon & US60).

I bought one of the "small" ones (about 20 inches tall) for $12 but they have huge ones for $35.

They were in full bloom, too. The one I bought was a rainbow but I think there were some with a more pink flower. I'll take some pictures later.

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