green worm/caterpillar on roses

Marie_NE_PA(Z5 PA)September 2, 2007

This green caterpillar/worm is eating my rose bushes. It has been a problem for several years and I still haven't figured out what it is. It is worse this year. If anyone knows what it is please tell me. If it is a butterfly or moth larva I will tolerate it but otherwise I will try praying. I just do not want to hurt my butterflies and moths.

Image link:

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Praying or spraying? LOL. I'm clueless, I expected from the title of your thread it was rose slugs, but it obviously isn't.

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Marie_NE_PA(Z5 PA)

OOOPPS! I meant spraying. I'm praying too but thats another story. I enjoy my butterflies and moths too much and since the roses bloom anyway I figure they seem to be surviving. But they look horrid with all the leaves chewed up.

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I don't grow roses, but it looks almost identical to the ones shown on this page.

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You mean it was rose slugs? LOLOL.

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Rose slugs, the larva of a sawfly. Control is with hand squishing, Insecticidal Soaps, Neem oil in that order. I had them on my roses until I got the soil into a good, healthy state so the roses that grew there were strong and healthy and I've not seen them on the roses for several years. I have had them in the past on the Hibiscus, but not this year.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7're eyes were right the first time! It's not a rose slug sawfly, but a different kind of sawfly. The curled rose sawfly is common in some locations, and that's what Marie has.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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