Dividing palm seedlings

sue_52October 3, 2013

Hello, Palm people,

I bought the baby palms below the other day because I'd been wanting a palm, and I generally like to buy younger plants. The fact that it was only three bucks and had scads of seedlings in one pot also appealed to my cheap self.

Do you think dividing these plants would damage the roots? Is it even advisable? I wonder why the grower would put this many seedlings in one pot if they're just going to choke each other out in a year or so. I'm hoping I can get three or four pots' worth from them.

Thanks for pondering,

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Since those are likely Chamaedorea elegans babies, I would guess they will divide easily and tolerate it well.

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

personally think they look better as a group particularly if maintained in a pot . Apparently the nurseries think so also as they invaribly sell them this way lol They usually separate quite easily .IME Good luck gary

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Gary, I think you're right about keeping a number of plants in each pot. Most of the pictures of this palm online have many per pot also, so I just split the babies in half, and each pot still looks well-populated.

Thanks to you and lzrddr (lizard doctor?) for replying.


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