Rust/leaf spots on persimmon n pepper holes

coworkerbob(9)September 14, 2012

Hi folks,

I have two isssues with pests. 1. Can anyone identify what is making holes in my numex big jim peppers before they are ready to harvest? I opened the cavity and i see the seeds have turned dark but there are no critters inside.

My other issue is that my persimmon tree seem to have alot of leaf spots and rusts this year. What kind of sprays are recommended or should i start to prune all the infected leaves and branches? (this is 15ft tree).



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Sorry, i mislinked some of the images

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Someone else can talk about the peppers. Some regions havae weevils that do that wort of damage.

The persimmon has been affected by high heat & direct hot sunlight. The leaves and fruit have sunburn/sunscald. When excess heat hits, perhaps you can rig temporary shade.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what jean said..

but as a diagnostic tool.. and trust me.. i know nothing of persimmon ..

but when i look at your pix.. i see no damage on leaves inside the plant..

in other words.. its seems to be all the leaves.. which are in direct sun ... which leads me to believe that jean is correct ...

may diseases are caused or encouraged by warm damp nights.. and therefore.. start inside the plant.. and work their way outwards ...

since your plant is 'clean' interior-wise.. i tend to lean toward baking in the sun ... which is highly complicated by drought ... but NEVER water the leaves in the evening.. nor the fruit .. apply water to the soil ... and mulch properly ...


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