Outdoor garden season finally comes

don555(3a)May 19, 2013

Technically I'm a bit early, but the forecast is good and the plants are in big pots so could be moved if necessary, plus they've been hardening off for 2 weeks or so and I'm getting impatient, so....

These Matchbox peppers:

Became this:

Which were moved to these 6 gallon pots;

And found a home here, with my cherry tomatoes (the other pepper pot is in the veg. garden:

Now all they need is time, warm weather and no hail!

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Those are some amazing plants!

What do you use for lighting?

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Thanks! My indoor setup is two sets of T8 shop lights, each with one warm white and one cool white bulb.

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Interesting. I suspected some sort of HID lighting. I use the standard T12's and they do ok, but, everything is more stretched out than yours.


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