What plant food works good for peppers ?????

nebhellbillheatMay 18, 2009

About to start feeding my pepper plants. I was just wondering what people think is good to use for plant food. I have no idea...

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Bury the snotty kniebor a couple feet down under your garden...

If someone beat ya to it you can use what I do
1/4 - 1/8th strength fish emultion and seasweed extract everytime I water.
It's harder to overdo fish emultion because it has to break down before the plant can use it.
Increase the amount of seaweed extract and reduce the fish when it's budding/fruiting time.

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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

peppers don't need alot. we use 10-10-10 very sparingly at planting, then a dilute compost tea periodically through season. when the first flush of pods is done and the plant hasn't kicked back into flowering gear, we like to give a super high phosphate snack that triggers the flowering earlier. this way we can get a second full flush ripened before it gets to cold here.

oh yeah, if they are seedlings you are waiting on, then a very dilute fish emulsion, compost tea, or miracle gro solution is all you need.


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I use water diluted MG tomato food (for lack of funds usually to buy anything else)...a bit less than I use on my maters. It works just fine. =)

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I have a lots of Hot Peppers and have grown them for years with pretty good luck. This year I have had some problems with pests and used a mild garlic, hot pepper and soap solution on the plants for cucumber beetles and it seemed to work well. My question is about Milk. Someone told me at one of our local organic farms to use milk right on the plants and in the soil. They said the peppers like the calcium and the leaves like to coating of milk to help with bug control. Do you know anything about this? Thanks so much!

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