would like your thoughts on this please

coltraneOctober 1, 2010

Half off sale at the nursery a couple miles down the road. Problem is I know its getting late in the year to be planting palms, but for thirty bucks its hard to pass up buying palms of that size (they are the size of the one in the picture) for that price. Im in zone 7b/8a 100 miles south of memphis. I would protect them this winter (kept dry and christmas lights if needed). Im inclined to go for it. Am I insane or what?

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That is big, Is there anyway you could pot it for the winter and move in if needed? Regardless I say got for it.

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If we are talking about that Trachy,I am sure it will be fine,
just don't let it get to much water once it gets cold.

Nice one!

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I would pot it up and plant it next spring, but I dont see why it wouldnt do okay in the ground with protection. For 30 dollars, I think you would really regret it if you didnt get it, so go for it! Tell us how it does, and definitely post some pics when/if you get it!
Good luck!

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Andy, do trachys do ok indoors?

Jim, Im talkin about getting yet another one of the same size and planting it asap. I just know that next spring I'd pay a bunch more than I can get it for now.

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I don't think people realize in your area the temps don't
actually get cold until January- 3 months from now.

Plenty of time for it to get comfortable,I planted my first Trachy in November
and planted one in December as well,
not smart but with some attention and moisture maintenance...
no worries(-:
Water it with some superthrive if you want those roots to get moving faster!

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OK so I gave into temptation and went and got it. Good point Jim, Im probably worrying more than I should cause the ground normally doesnt really freeze down here. But I guess I like to error on the cautious side.

Tropicalzone7, heres the pic of it next to the other one for comparison.

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Very nice palm! Great deal too! Thanks for sharing a pic of it! Your in a warm zone 7b/8a so like jim said you have a while before the ground freezes by you. As long as its not a bad winter, your palm will be fine with a little protection just to keep it from getting damaged.
Good luck!

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Appreciate all your help guys. Just got it in the ground this morning. We'll see if she makes it.

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Here it is.

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It looks great in its new spot! Hope it survives the winter, But I really think it will with no problems.
Keep us updated! Good luck!

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I've overwintered trachies several times indoors, and not always in ideal conditions in terms of light, and they come through like the troopers they are, continuing to grow slowly.

IMO, they would actually make excellent indoor palms. Trachies and European Fans are the only two palms species I've seen that don't seem to be bothered by spider mites. I don't know if they are completely resistant to them by any means, but I've never seen mites on either one of these. Which, in my book, makes them good candidates for indoor use, since spider mites are, IMO, the biggest bane of indoor palms in terms of pests.

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It will be fine if you give it proper protection.

Same thing happened to me. I found a decent size Trachy marked down in price at a nursery. I stuck it in the ground sometime in October of last year, here in Zone 7A. A month later it had its leaf cage and today its looking fine.

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