Palm hoarder?

jaynboro(7 TN)October 11, 2010

celebrating columbus day by getting the tropical palms lined up and ready to go into greenhouse. wanted to have them close by when the first frost was forecast. decided to take a break and have a beer and "Hoarders" was on tv. really got me thinking....anybody else feel like i do right now? ha ha greenhouse is already halfway full!

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Looks very familiar to me! LOL.

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Yeah, your not alone, I also have a ton of plants! The problem is that the collection is growing 3 times or more every season!!! 3 years ago maybe I brought in 10 plants and they werent even that tall, but now Im bringing in close to 100 plants and probably 10% of them are over 5 feet tall (not including the pot and my tallest majesty palm is about 10 feet tall, maybe a little more with the pot included!)
You have a beautiful collection though and its not overcrowded like crazy like the peoples items on the show Hoarders! At least plants look nice!
Good luck!

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craken a beer and watching hoaders?sounds like a great night my friend.I probably would have tons of palms all my visits to home depot and lowes and wandering off to the garden section to see whats new.I tell you if my wife wouldn't stop me my house probably look like a jungle!lol

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March of the palms!

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Okay, I have seen the show 'Hoarders'--pretty scary stuff. Yes, we may fill up our garages with palms and citrus and not vats of motor oil and old tires, we may put banks of florescent lights in our basements for ferns and bromeliads (rather than for laundry tables, pool tables and bars). But there is a difference between (albeit near obsessive plant/palm collecting), and turning you living space into a toxic zone. On last night's episode of 'Hoarders', a woman had THREE FEET OF CAT FECES ON HER DINING ROOM TABLE!! I'm sure most of the people visiting our homes are amazed with our collections and do not recoil in horror.

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I saw an ep last night where these people actually had several opossum skeletons in there pile o' garbage and rats and mice. If my collection of plants ever bring things like that in the house, I would not bring them back inside! Most people going into my house complement on the tropical feel and nice look of the plants, but in that show there are people who literally cannot even get into there house because of there garbage! Pretty cool show to watch if you dont have anything else to watch on TV. New ep of parking wars also on that channel tonight, just saying :)

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jaynboro(7 TN)

yeah that show is crazy sometimes. and i dont really think collecting plants is anything like hoarding......just accumulate new ones every year and the pathway inside the greenhouse gets smaller and smaller! ha ha parking wars back on huh? cool.

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