Can gophers escape from traps??

lana_langSeptember 12, 2011

Gophers are wreaking havoc in my veggie garden. They've eaten my tomatoes and are now starting to eat my herbs. So I bought a couple of traditional wire gopher traps and tried them out today. At first I was excited because I noticed there had been activity in the tunnels where I buried them, and they were hard to pull out, so I thought I had caught my gophers! But when they reached the surface they were empty.

Is it possible for gophers to get caught in them and wriggle out? It's hard to imagine. I don't want to use poison pellets or anything that might get in my food supply. I read on this forum that some people use soiled cat litter. I tried that, but all it did was make them move their tunnels from one spot to another.

These must be Houdini gophers! ACK! What else can I do??

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A live trap is not meant to be buried and if it is it will not work and the "trapped" critter will be able to get out. I have seen the killing traps trip and not hit the target, frequently.
So, do you have a live trap or a killing trap?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I assume that 'traditional wire gopher traps' mean gopher wire traps, especially since he put these into a tunnel, where they are supposed to be set.

All you can do is keep trying, lang lang. Be sure that you are setting them correctly...there's probably several tutorials on line (Youtube?) about these traps.

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thanks for the replies. Yes, these are killing traps and I made sure to set them correctly. I tried again last night and put two of them back-to-back in the main tunnel, but when I checked them this morning there definitely was activity around the traps, but they were not tripped. I'm afraid the gophers have gotten wise and won't get caught.

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The killing traps are very passive because they require the target animal to trip them. I know several people that think the moles, gophers, or whatever are learning how to trip them without getting caught as well as avoiding them althogether.

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Success!! I caught the little bugger today! It looks like the trap just barely got him under his front legs, but it did the trick.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

You might want to keep setting the traps, in case he had pals.

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