New pepper that isn't hot

finchelover(5b-6)May 7, 2012

Hunting for the name of this pepper with odd name like "I can't believe its a pepper" or ?? It looks like the hot ones but is mild. Any of you pepper growers know what I am talking about

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Not hot at all?
Not even Mild?

If mild you might be looking for Fooled you Jalapeno or the several different mild heat(sold as no heat peppers in the C. Chinense types).
Trinidad Perfume , Aji Dulce , Suave red or orange Habanero , Seasoning Peppers(yellow,red or orange).
There are several Habanero type or looking peppers with very little to no heat depending when you pick them.

I have most of them,Got anything to trade?
E mail me.Might do an SASBE for some of them.Gotta check my stash. lol
I know I have a few in enough #'s that I can SASBE a few seeds.The others are for trade only,small supply in my stash...
If you want to know where to get the ones I don't have for SASBE I can give you links for buying the seeds.
Look for Trinidad or Tobago Seasoning Peppers,Puerto Rican Seasoning Peppers or Aji Dulce (in several versions #1,#2 etc. Red Yellow etc.) ,Trinidad Perfume , Suave red or orange and a few more names I can't think Of right now.
E mail me....

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