ID this plant?

mulberryknobNovember 11, 2012

This is a plant that a neighbor gave me over a year ago in a one quart pot. There were three rooted cuttings. They quickly outgrew the pot so I potted them up to a 3-4 gallon pot and they are rapidly outgrowing that too. He didn't know what they were. My DH, who was raised in California, says it looks "citrusy" to him, like a lemon or orange sprout.

Anyone have an idea about this plant?

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OOps, lost the photo when I edited a bit. Thought it would stay attached. So maybe this time.

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Does look "citrusy." Rub the leaves. Do they smell like citrus? Does the plant have any thorns?

Tahlequah, OK

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George, no thorns and no smell. I broke a leaf in two and it oozed a little milky sap.

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I agree with George that it does look like citrus but can't be with milky sap. The leaves look alot like a blood orange or a satsuma mandarin I have.

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It also looks like an Allamanda. They also have milky sap. Wait til it blooms, and you'll have a better idea. Blooms can be yellow, white, blue, violet, rose, you name it. Yellow is the most common color.

Attaching images for you to review.


Here is a link that might be useful: Allamanda images

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Thanks, Susan. I will wait for the blooms. But I don't know if I will have room to keep it if it gets much bigger. Do you know how long it should take it to bloom. I've had it over a year and a half.

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Boy, I have no idea. Do you put it outside during the summer? How big was it when you got it, and what is approx. size now? I grew one once, but just during summer, and let it die out over winter. I got it at HD and it bloomed a little, but not a lot. I think they must be more mature before they bloom a lot, assuming that it is an Allamanda. I just thought of that based on the glossy foliage and milky sap, and the photo of the plant.

Maybe next year you'll get blooms beginning late spring or so. I wouldn't think you'd get blooms during the winter in a lower light situation. As I recall these plants need high light. I am really interested to see the blooms eventually, though, so be sure to post a photo then.

I think Allamandas are very pretty plants. Related to Mandevilla.


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There were three 6-7 inch cuttings in a one quart pot when I got them sometime last summer--2011. I kept them on the porch until this past spring and then potted them up and put them outside. Then this fall into the greenhouse. I will keep an eye on them for buds next spring.

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Synadenium grantii - African Milk Bush - Euphorbiaceae
NOT a good idea to rub onto fingers will inflame mucous membranes especially eyes. Will continue to grow and grow and grow. I've had mine for 15 years. UNKILLABLE (a good thing for a house plant) but prunable. Also mistakenly called "cocaine plant"

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Hmmmmm. Not sure about that Chriser.

Dorothy, are the leaves as glossy as they appear to be in your photo? Euphorbia pseudograntii (f/k/a Synadenium grantii) doesn't have that glossy appearance. The leaves are a yellowish green with darker green veins, too. Have you watered it a lot or very little? E. pseudograntii requires little watering, as most succulents.

I'm attaching a good image of the foliage and growth habit (candelabra effect) for you to review and see if it really does resemble your plant. I don't profess that my ID is correct at all; I just have my doubts about the Euphorbia ID.


Here is a link that might be useful: Euphorbia pseudograntii

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Susan, the leaves are very glossy and a uniform green, with the new leaves having a lighter color with a rusty appearance. The stems though are a bit fleshy. I have watered it consistently, not knowing how to take care of it. If it ever blooms, it should be easier to identify.

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I agree, Dorothy, that the flowers will likely reveal a lot more toward ID'ing your plant. If you have watered it consistently, I am doubting the Euphorbia ID even more since it would have likely succumbed to the watering.

Can't wait to see your post of the flowers when it blooms!


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The succulent stems seem to zig zag a bit... maybe Pedilanthus tithymaloides, devil's backbone. This species of Euphorbia and certainly my african milkbush will indeed survive regular watering. The bleeding of "a little milky sap" says definately not my milkbush which is true to its' name but the devil's backbone secrete slightly milky sap. Succulent stems and milky sap are screaming Euphorbia at me anyways.

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