Well, I went and did it....

moonie_57June 21, 2012

...and I'm not confessing on the "confessions" thread! LOL

These rooted cuttings are currently on the way, and I'm thrilled. Kimo - 2 tips, Pink Pansy - 2 tips, Sunset Jewel - 3 tips, Penang Peach - 3 tips, Duke - 2 tips, Panama Gold - 2 tips.

I really wanted the Panama Gold because I was raised in Panama. The Sunset Jewel was pretty but I can't find any info on her. Anyone have the details?

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mona,

Confessions can be announced anywhere... : )

Congratulations on your order.

Sounds like you have quite a collection there. Great Picks!!!

Take Care,


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Hi Laura, and thanks. How are you doing? Have you heard how Bill did with his surgery? Hopefully he is resting well!

About the confession... I really have nothing to confess because my husband told me to go ahead, so I went ahead! LOL And I might just "go ahead" next week, too! :)

I'm off to bed. The heat today wiped me out!

Have a good night.

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Congratulations! I emailed Fuzzy 2 weeks ago and got some of the same. Hope we both get blooms soon. :)

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

OMG Mona! You got some beauties there! I am still searching... so many to get not enough money! LOL Although DH is not holding me back... simple logic said I should wait until AFTER our move to buy more. But sitting on my hands and watch you guys shop is killing me.

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rcantor - hope yours arrives as quickly as some of mine did. 3 came today! :)

No-Clue - I know about not having enough shopping money. It's probably a good thing though, otherwise our yards would look like Laura's. Oh wait... that's not such a bad thing! LOL

But, you want us to feel sorry for you because we're shopping and you're not? When YOU live so close to JJ's. When YOU keep buying 5 and 7gallon trees. When you are in the process of building a brand new home to flank with lots of plumies. Sorry, no pity here! LOL J/K :)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Mona,

I glad you have a good hubby that understands the value of a good Plumeria tree! It does make it easy when you have you partner or DH understand the love that we have..

I will say that i know you were just kidding about all of my trees that i have. I have aquired them from amany friends one to three cuttings at a time unti i could buy from the nurseries. This didnt happen overnight, but the way i see it... i work very hard and i deserve to have a hobby that i love just as my DH does. He realy is s good sport about my trees and i do joke about him with the "eye rolling" , but he knows that i could be into something more collectable and not spend the time with him at home.

When i am working and my days can be 14 hr day, and a four day trip the onlt thing i can think of is to come home and see my trees. This gives me such a great satisfaction from the real world... So , when you say that i may have many, they have all come form many friends and i would not change them or give them away for anything.. This took quite a few years to aquire these trees as you can see how large they are... One day you will understand!!! : )

No CLue,

Congratulation on building your dream home... Enjoy!!!

Take care,


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Oh, Laura, I DO understand perfectly! I had a very large banana collection and many collected from friends, but lost most of them a few years ago, also losing my 2 solo plumeria at the same time. No heat in the greenhouse, and we were out of town. At that time I did not realize how long the heat had been out so really didn't expect what was to come in the following weeks. It was terrible but I got over it. LOL!! I still have about a half dozen varieties and continue to enjoy what I have left.

And just to mention, come along about late fall, my DH experiences some of that "eye allergy". I no longer heat my GH so he has to load everything in the truck and make trips back and forth to work where I overwinter in the GH there. It was only 2 weeks ago that I got the very last of my stuff home. I have a rather large Orinoco that I believe is about to bloom but he is so big and hung out the back of the truck. Now he has what my DH calls "the Island look". The leaves are shredded like he stood tall during a hurricane! :)

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