Freezing peppers

wayrightMay 26, 2006

I have read on previous posts that ppl freeze peppers before they dehydrate them.I dehydrate most of mine and had a couple questions..Do they maintain their color,texture and are the seeds still viable?

It sure would be easier on me if I could pop em in the deep freeze till im ready for em.:)


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freezing peppers whole will allow the seeds to be wet. the seeds will therefore die when frozen. the moisture level of seeds must be very low if you dont want them to die.

the peppers freeze and when they thaw out the cells rupture and the moisture pours out. I collect the moisture and have not found a good use for it. maybe some one can help me on this.

after the water is drained off the remaining stuff must be dried out. for me, the idea of freezing thawing and drying reduces the moisture that needs to be dried out. the pepper material when thawed out is like new and fresh. but the drying process can reduce the quality if too hot. or it can go moldy if it takes too long to dry.

One trick is to freeze the longer chile relleno chiles like the anaheim and new mexico type. then thaw out and slice open and stuff and cook. that is suppose to work very well.

I did the process some years ago and made a dry powder. did not cook them like fresh. but that is suppose to be a great way to go. there are some places that sell frozen anaheim type chiles for that purpose.

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