First pics!

Phildeez(9b)May 26, 2011

Sorry if the pictures are bad, just snapped a few real quick today.

Cajun Belle, farthest along with a a couple peppers approaching an inch!

These two Hot Cherries have really good first sets on them, despite being crowded in a single pot.

Thai Ornamental, needing a bigger pot I think. You can see a tiny upward facing pepper in the foreground of the 2nd pic.

Fresno looking nice and bushy with a couple flowers inside the mess.

Manzano amarillo, I love the prehistoric look of this plant, super dark green and very hairy.

More to come as things develop!


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Looking good bud! Getting mine planted this weekend...cannot wait!

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Thank you simsedward, it has been a struggle with the cold for weeks at this point but I can finally stop worrying, from the looks of it.

I am in central CA, 9b if anyone is wondering. Forgot to mention.

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very nice looking plants! i am hoping mine get to that size here in the next few weeks!


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All of your plants look happy. Keep posting pics!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Phil, they're coming along nicely!
Way ahead of mine, too. My Hot Cherry is the furthest along, but still behind yours.

Keep the pics coming!


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Thanks guys, I am glad my hard work moving them in and outside and covering them from cold has paid off. From what I hear most people are just planting peppers where I live right now.

I appreciate the comments, and welcome more, and response pictures in my formal thread for this year, Phil's First Pepper Garden (2011).

Looking forward to following everyone's grows!


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