scotty66 may pepper update

scotty66(8 Hutto TX)May 14, 2012

Was worried because of the week long rain we just went through, but it looks like my peppers did ok.

I really, really need to move my Naga peppers to larger containers. (Bruce, do we know what type of Naga's these are: Morich Dorset, viper?)

These Naga peppers are producing lots of bushy growth at the base and the main stalk has really taken off.

Some of the new Naga leaf growth is a little "crinkly/wrinkled " looking. Though still very dark green.

This picture didn't do a good job of capturing the look of the new leaves, but I like the the flower pod. There are several other flower pods just starting to form lower on the plant.



My Jumbo Jalapeno are doing very well, even had to put them in tomato cages they were getting so tall

A jumbo pepper flower pod

Lots of baby jumbo peppers already starting to form.

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Looking good! I've noticed rain brings about lots of bud and flower activity, been gettin lots of rain here in MD almost all of May with a day or two that were good sunny days. Keep us posted with pics esp pods and looks like your plants are off to a great start.

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scotty66(8 Hutto TX)

Finally made a "2 bucket self watering" container and moved one of my Nagas into it. Really hope she likes her new home. I used MG cactus soil for the medium and also ran a long piece of t-shirt from the bottom, up through the center, to the top. Hopefully a 5 gallon bucket will larger enough for this plant and hopefully this system works as good as what I've read.
I think I will put the other Naga's into the ground. I only need to overwinter 1 plant.

My new self watering containter.



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Cool! Keep us posted on progress!

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