Spider Mites on Christmas Palm?!

RichardC7(6b-7a)October 3, 2012

It looks like little tiny black bugs... any ideas? I gave it a soapy spray down. Thanks! BTW they look like spots in the pic, but they actually look like bugs in person.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

I get the same thing on my xmas palm, definitely spider mites. i spray with a hose then wipe each leaf off, this seems to work for about a month then they come back.

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They arent spider mites, I forget exactly what they are, but they can easily be taken care of with soap water, and a little bit of neem oil (neem oil will get rid of lots of other bugs too and will not harm plants, pets, or good bugs!). I had them on my coconut palm one year and I actually put a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on a towel and wiped each and every leaflet of each frond. It worked, but the rubbing alcohol did dry out the leaves a lot so I would never risk my plants with that method again.
Good luck!

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I second Alex!

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I know it's not popular with some but each August while it is still warm enough for real growth but about 4-6 weeks before I have to bring mine in I treat with systemic granuals. i have not seen anything but a tiny bit of scale in 8 years. First palms I bought (Xmas and Roebi) 8 years ago were infested come witner and i had no idea what mites were. it's never happened again.

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Thanks everyone! I'm gonna have to go and get some Neem Oil tomorrow... and possibly where a coat! its gonna be 50 degrees her in PIT tomorrow!

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