Tiny bugs in lawn crawling on us!

briangtbcSeptember 11, 2008

My wife was playing with my 9-month old son today in the yard and suddenly noticed his legs were covered with these REALLY tiny insects. Luckily they washed off with a quick bath and there don't appear to be any bite marks or irritation on his feet and legs.

I came home and put my hand down in the grass in the same spot for about 15 seconds and immediately had dozens of these insects crawling all over my hand. I took some pictures of them crawling on my thumb. They're really tiny, so it's not real easy to determine what they are. The wife thinks they might be ticks, but I think it is unlikely as there isn't a real good source of food (animal blood) for them in our lawn. Plus I've never seen a tick this small before.

Pictures are here:



If anyone knows what the heck these are and whether I should be concerned, please let me know. Thanks!

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jean001(z8aPortland, OR)

Perhaps clover mites, or other sorts of mites. In any case, not a problem for people other than nuisance value. Will leave of their own accord when their "season" is past.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

How about posting a follow-up later today or tomorrow. I thought (perhaps) your critters might be chiggers. It takes awhile for them to decide where to 'chow down'. The itching will be your clue. If you don't have any symptoms by tonight, then they aren't the dreaded chigger.

Can you tell how many legs they have?

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If these were ticks, or chiggers, they would have immediately started sucking blood from anyone they contacted, so if they did not then they are among the some 8,000,000 insects that inhabit our world, most of which we have no reason to fear.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Boy, are you lucky, kimmsr, never to have suffered the indignities of a chigger attack! First of all, the insufferable itching begins after they've begun feeding and usually not until they've fallen from their prey. Secondly, most of us who have had the pleasure of experiencing a chigger (aka:redbug for southerners) infestation, know quite clearly that they are especially fond of such target areas as under waistbands of underwear, under the bra line, and even in unmentionable areas for both men and women. Yikes!

Ticks seem to wait until they find a location they like, too. I've only found them in my hair, but that is my own personal experience.

Anyway, hopefully brian and his family are doing fine today and can rest assured. I fully expect that their critter is most likely benign.

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This is to good to be true!! Me and my 9 month son experienced exactly the same thing. What are these bugs?? Cant see the pictures.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Talita, the identity of the tiny critters could not be ascertained in the original post from six years ago. You either need to do a good job of describing them or take a good enough image that shows enough detail for a visual ID.

In lieu of those two options, try to capture a few on some pieces of cellophane tape and visit your local university extension office for a half way good chance at a correct ID. If the office is staffed by 'Master Gardeners' who seem to be guessing, ask that images of your specimens be sent to the university.

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