Verticillium Wilt, Serviceberry & Pieris Japonica

joe11050September 1, 2012

I lost a Japanese Maple due to verticillium wilt (we suspect, we didn't bother testing for confirmation). My plan is to replace the maple with one or two serviceberries; I read nice things about the Autumn Brilliance. The wikipedia entry on verticillium wilt lists serviceberry under both columns, some varieties susceptible, others not. Anyone know for sure whether Autumn Brilliance is resistent? Second, I can't find any info anywhere on whether pieris japonica is resistent or susceptible; anyone know?

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buckeye15(No OH)

Amelanchier (serviceberry) are definitely susceptible to verticillium wilt. I have not personally witnessed much of the acute symptoms on them (like on a sugar or japanese maple) where a whole limb or even whole tree dies suddenly. But I have seen on several varieties, including Autumn Brilliance, what I think is the more chronic symptom with yellowing and some marginal necrosis.

I am not suggesting that you shouldn't plant a serviceberry, but there is a small chance that you could experience a bit of a problem with one. I have an area in my yard where I lost 1 japanese maple (Beni Otake), and another (Sango Kaku) has suffered dieback from verticillium, but a Robin Hill serviceberry is thriving, as are several other hosts like redbud.

I have never witnessed verticillium on Pieris, nor noticed it in any susceptible lists.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I may still go with the serviceberry, but do you have any suggestions for something better? It'll be in full sun until a newly planted sycamore 25-30 feet ENE grows up a bit. I'm looking at this size because of the sycamore to the ENE and a vegetable garden 25 feet to the west.

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