Coconut burn

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)October 19, 2011

Hi, I saw this on my coconut frond:

I know its probably a burn from the sun from the summer. Its been there for a while but I kind of forgot about it. Will it hurt the frond?



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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

sun burning is okay its the lack of humidity which is probably causing the damage i mist my coco about 6 times a day and if i miss a few days the tips start to brown

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I noticed a simliar thing on my coconut palms when they first went inside for the winter last year. It wasnt a big problem though. It could be sun burn too and if it is, then it will defintiely be fine! Keep an eye on it just in case, but as long as it gets a nice amount of indoor sun, and not too much water, it will be good! They dont like being watered that much indoors, but they do like being misted so try to mist it a few times a week, especially when the heat goes on for the winter.

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It's normal..just a little sunburn. I don't think misting helps much at all, it probably worsens things since water drops probably act as a magnifier. Your coconut is still a baby, so chances are it is getting too much strong, direct sun. Give it a break. :)

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Is it on all the fronds? Can you take more pics? My coconut palms have never gotten that bad even though its very dry here with very low humidity. Just tip burn and thats about it.My original coco(sadly shes gone now :( but did not die from that she lived 4 years), did get sun burned badly once. Every frond turned yellow. Taking her out of the sun helped. The palm was inside going outside in warm spring weather. Forgot to acclimatize.

The one I have now is doing very well, the tips are burned and a little yellow but not that bad. I think the tip burning and yellowing has to with how much shade,water and humidity its getting. If it well watered, and not in full sun, they dont mind low humidity as much? I dont know but its a good possibility.

- US_Marine

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