Results of Feb trim

qaguyJune 4, 2012

I'm sure a few will remember the major trim that labland (Jennifer)

and I did on my big plumeria.

Well, it was almost a complete success. One branch hasn't

sent out a new shoot, but all of the others have. That

includes a few that I cut really short so there would be

no new shoots.

Here's some pictures.

Here's the one that's sprouting even though I cut it really, really short.

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Hi qaguy, WOW !!! Look at all the new growth. I think your tree is going to over grow the space again before you know it. That's great for more cutting. Here's a pic of the cuttings. Lots of long claw growth and I'm sure there are or will be roots soon. Might even be an inflo tucked in there. Thanks, Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi T,

Everything looks wonderful... Your trim job was a huge success.. It goes to show that even with the old rule of thumb... "Six inches.." You can cut tighter and still have growth! Your trees will fill in nicely.

My cuttings are a little slow to show activity, but they are having some positive growth. I am excited to see pics of your blooms. Please update us with your pictures again soon!

Thanks again for everything!!!

I hope you and yours are doing well!!!



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Hi Peg and Laura - things are doing nicely here in SoCal.
Most of my time lately has been dealing with tomatoes, my
other gardening major interest.

I do have some blooms already and I've got one plant that
has 18 growing tips and 12 inflos. Can't wait to see that
in full bloom. I'm going to post a pic on a new thread.

Glad the cuttings are doing well, but I'm not surprised.
You two know what you're doing and that's one easy plant
to root.

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