Have I just received sick plants? Please help a newbie :)

yoanna.pro(7b)September 25, 2013

Hi everyone,

I have been reading this fantastic forum for a while now but it is my first time posting. I really need your help! I love plants, but I never had the courage to grow my own. I have recently fallen in love with an Orange Jasmine (Murraya paniculata) and a Bougainvillea �Barbara Karst�, which I ordered online. The plants arrived today and they are beautiful.. except I noticed some yellow/white/brownish spots on their leaves that worry me. Being a complete novice, I have been Googling for hours now, trying to figure out if they are sick (maybe rust mites?) or they just got beat-up from the travel, or they are perfectly fine and I am worrying over nothing :) I am attaching two grids with photos of the plants. I would really appreciate any advice, as I am not sure if I should contact the website that I got them from and ask for a refund/new plants, or my plants just need some time to adjust. Please let me know what you think! Many thanks in advance!

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And here are the photos of the Bougainvillea âÂÂBarbara KarstâÂÂ. Thank you again!!

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