Growth rate of California Fan Palms

toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)October 24, 2012

There are some 6ft tall California Fan Palm in 15g at Home Depot in La Quinta for $20. My association only allow plants up to 8ft (or 10ft if one pushes it) in courtyards. If I keep the $20 palm in pot, how soon will it grow to 10ft?

Ideally, I should buy something shorter like European fan palm which max out around 10ft. But they are very expensive if i want instant size.

Thanks for helping

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In my experience, Washintonias need lots of room for their roots to get to any decent size, otherwise they seem not to grow much at all. I would think you could limit it's growth by limiting pot size. But with a 15 gallon pot, it probably won't get much taller than 6 feet.

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toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)

Interesting. Do they have strong roots that can crack the pot? I really don't mind to 'stun' the poor palm (please forgive me, palm lovers) if this is what it takes to slow down it's growth.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Excuse me Im just still drooling at the thought of a 6 foot Calif fan for 20 bucks.

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toffee-el(Z8b Sunset Z13 Elev 4650ft)

Same here, I am buying a couple unless this guys grow 2 ft or so every year. Do they grow that fast in pots but under ideal climate?

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