E,horridus makes miracle comeback!

stanofhOctober 18, 2011

This plant I bought in 2007,was planted out and..never grew a new frond. I think it was simply too much shade,although C&S and even a Sago palm in that same light thrive. Yet,it was a lack of all day sunlight I now know that caused it to sit until I couldnt take it any longer and dug it up with it's last two leaves in early summer this year. Those two slowly withered..and its seemed a sure gonner. Still,I put the now potted horridus into hot full sun area-the best I have..and just today I saw the new growth.

I read long ago-never give up on Cycads-no matter how dead they look. And it is so true.

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Very cool to see it come back for you! And I agree, never give up on a dead looking cycad. I have had one or 2 make a flush after appearing dead for months). They are very hardy plants, but some are hard to keep happy.

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Thanks Alex-they can be so finicky to thrive,then show a great will to live when you get them back to right conditions.

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Thats great Stan,you also just reminded me I need to bring in
my E.Princeps that is flushing right now as the next few nights are chilly!

I also found a Banana plant in the basement (when I was storing
another down there yesterday)it sprouted in the dark and grew all summer down there!

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Did you know that they can be propagated by leaf and heal cuttings, Jim? Someday,I might try that with my C circinalis and even the E.Horridus..at least one leaf if it ever has a nice crown.
I won't buy another E.horridus...I think horridus is more your reaction to what they cost...

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Yea,at $200 for an E.Princeps this size I would love to try
a leaf cutting-when it gets more leaves!(-;

I do want to try another E.Horridus though Stan...one of my favorites,
along with just about any blue Cactus or Palm!

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