How big do these plants get?

ColoradoSteph(5)May 18, 2013

Hi all,
This is my 2nd year with a veggie garden and first year attempting any sort of pepper. I purchased anaheim and sweet banana pepper transplants from a local nursery which I plan to plant in containers. Yes I know only one is a hot pepper and this is the hot pepper forum, however I am hoping you all can help me with my questions. :)

Is the anaheim or sweet banana pepper a larger plant? What size of container should I plant each one in? I have a vacant 14" pot... would this be satisfactory for either one? I also plan to purchase 1 or 2 half whiskey barrel planters. Could I fit both in one barrel? Would one plant per barrel be overkill? If I have space I plan to grow maybe a 3rd pepper, however I'm not sure on the variety.

Thank you in advance for any advice. I am loving reading these forums and learning so much just from that.

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I have several whiskey barrels and put 2 in each all the time with great production. No problem. I've never grown banana, but with the Anaheims, tomato cages help immensely. They'll get about 4-5 feet high with loads of heavy fruit -- so the cages are perfect for them. About the only varieties I don't use cages are the chinense varieties -- much more bushy and compact and the pods are very light.

I've read that people put even more plants in containers this size, but I opt not to.

Good luck.


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Thanks so much for the input it is very helpful! I just came home with 2 whiskey barrels, so I think I will put the anaheim and sweet banana pepper in one of them. Now what to grow in the other whiskey barrel and in the 14" pot. :)

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Maybe 1 more of each, so you'll have plenty. Maybe a poblano, serrano or jalapeno?

Before you drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of your whiskey barrels, you may want to fill them up with water and let set for a couple days to leach all the alcohol out.


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