A "few" pics from 10-16-12

jimhardyOctober 17, 2012

Some of the palms-

Bizzy and E.Princeps


B.Eriospatha and some T.winsan,T.Tesan and Nova.

Princeps is really getting some size now-

the new leaf will be over a foot and a half wide once opened...

This will be a stunner next year!


Nainital coloring up for fall/winter?

S.Lisa lost it's main shoot and put out a side winder...

Lou and Naini

One of the trunk cut Trachys finally growing out of it...

how can you not love Waggies!(grin)

So unique!

A few flowers

Some cactus

What a hardy Agave looks like after 30F and one that isn't hardy(dead)

Yardstick is in there somewhere

I thought the little nubs on this Cactus were blooms

but I think they will be branches(grin)

Some other stuff

4" of rain in 24hrs picked the EE's up for 2 days-

Bananas fighting back from frost damage-

One of the replacement Cooperi "Brentwood"

Even in the horrible summer(for tropicals)we have had,

this Saba has quietly reached 12'-half the damage is from cold and half heat.

Tallest Castor beans-most damaged...still going though.

The east side of the yard is more protected=good micro-climate!

No damage on A.Nigra

Thanks for looking!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi JIm,

I just love looking at all of your pictures..

Such strong palms an healthy looking gardens!!

Are you sure you don't live in Florida? ;-)

Strong work!

I am a big fan and i can see the progress that you are making in the size of your trees. They look awesome!!


I think ill be back just to see these beautiful pics..again and again!!!

Take care!!


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As always Jim everything looks amazing.

How tall is that Washy? Do you still have the other one or did it pass?

Your Louisianas look like they put on some great growth for you this past year.

Luckily we haven't had a real frost yet, but my bananas are all wind tattered anyway.

BTW...Your cactus garden looks great.

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Thanks Laura

I just wish I could capture more of the magic in pics..
so much fun to watch these out of place plants grow!

Thanks Ryan

I think we have about 10 days before the tropical ending cold hits
(looks like next weekend)but it has to end some time....
thats o.k. though,I have a nice
group of cactus and palms to keep me company fall/winter!

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The other Washy was planted to high,I let them see low 20s last fall and I think
this damaged the root structure next to the trunk...it was also under a leaky gutter which did not help.

It was not able to recover from the damage.

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