trachy fort.

deep___roots(ca9/sunset15)October 25, 2010

No worries here. This palm is looking great. How amazing are the fans of this species? Absolutely love them.

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That's a real beauty but it would be nice to have a reference for scale(-:

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Trachys are beautiful palms! One of my favorites! You have a nice looking palm!!
Thanks for sharing!

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Fence in background is 6 feet tall. I'm crouching to photograph upwards. My trunk is only 4 feet tall on this plant, but it is thick. This palm was in a container for many years, but now it is in the ground and it is busting out!

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They're my favorites too. So much so, that part of my collection focuses on various species of Trachys (even those not locally hardy--martianus, latisectus, etc.). Any palm that looks great in the dead of Winter, under a blanket of snow and subarctic cold is awesome! Deep roots, what species is that by the way?

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

That's a great looking palm.If you don't mind me asking,where did you get that palm?All I can find is small seedlings on ebay.I would like to have a 3 or 1 gallon size plant.Yours looks very healthy and happy :)

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Purchased at Home Depot maybe 7 to 10 years ago for $15.95. I think it was a 5 gallon. I think it is your basic trachy fort., nothing special (I didn't even know there were different trachy varieties!). I don't go to Home Depot much anymore but I think they still have basic palms for sale, at least in California stores.
It lived in a 13 inch square and 13 inch deep redwood planting box I built until 2 years ago. Before I planted it out, it was busting up that planting box. But I had to wait for the perfect planting location to be discovered!
Thanks for the nice comments!
I will see if I can find the tag that tells the grower's name and pass that on. Probably located in California, but maybe they will ship to Georgia. I had no idea this was hard to find.

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Butia, I haven't looked recently, but I have seen (and purchased) large ones one eBay--for great prices! Might be seasonal--more available in Spring and early Summer. Also HD's and L's is even beginning to sell hardy palms in the coastal North (Sabals, Needles, Butias)--I'd be surprised if you couldn't get a Trachy in the big chain stores in your area.

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For what it is worth, Barcelo Enterprises (google "barcelo palms") is (was) the grower for Home Depot palms when I got mine. I found the tag and boy, was it faded. Check out the website if you are curious about availability and possible shipping.

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