heat tolerant evergreens

dragonladytoo(Z7/OK)November 5, 2011

Need suggestions for heat tolerant evergreens for front bed. Would like a naturally ball shape forming, low growing one and a tall, skinny one. Ideas?

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Are you wanting conifers or broadleaf evergreens?

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We have pinetrees here in AZ with flood irrigation every two weeks in summer, once a month in winter. I'm not sure what kind they are but I bet if you google Mesa, AZ pine trees you could find out. They are about 40-60 feet high, long needled and make a nice pine cone.
We also have some sort of tall cypress which is really popular but which I really don't care for. It's a perfectly shaped tall spike, about 15-20 feet tall, bluish green.
Both do very well here. Our whole area has pine trees, especially our neighborhood, which is entirely flood irrigated. I'm sure OK, with the amount of rain you get would do well with pines. In fact, I had Austrian pines in Lawton. Somebody gave me about twenty huge pines and I just had to pay to have them moved. They were certainly hardy and heat resistant. We did nothing to help them, no added water or anything.

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Sorry, should have paid attention to the OP. you want little stuff for a bed. Guess my huge trees won't work, lol.
How about rosemary and liliac? Both are evergreen, heat and drought tolerant. Mine get watered if and when I remeber. When I pull up the other garden plants in July, they pretty much are out of luck until I plant a fall garden and yet, they still thrive.

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